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fulfill your birth potential

Wherever or however you choose to birth your baby, you deserve to understand your options. You deserve to make your decisions from a place of knowledge (not fear). You deserve to feel respected and heard throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Investing in a birth Doula insures you will have a loving supportive guide by your side throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Studies have shown that doulas improve birth outcomes across the board and increase your chance of being satisfied by your experience. To better understand a doulas role and see the evidence on doulas support follow this link:

Affordable Plans

for every family


Every mother deserves loving, respectful support regardless of her situation. I strive to find ways to make my packages affordable for all families, for example I offer payment plans and consider full/partial bartering agreements. For more answers to questions about hiring me as a doula check out these answers to Common Concerns.

Check out my packages listed below, or reach out to me to create a custom package just for you and your family.

Standard Doula Package

  • 1-3 Prenatal visits where we will discuss your individual circumstances, preferences, goals, fears, expectations, and how I, as a doula, fit into your birth team
  • Phone/text support during pregnancy
  • Continuous support during labor and delivery and after baby is born for breastfeeding/bonding support
  • 1 postpartum visit to follow up,answer any questions, and support you as a parent. 
  • Access to my ever-growing Lending Library

Investment starts at $1700

Generous Mama Package

  • Everything from the Standard Doula Package
  • Prenatal relaxation visit including reflexology massage and a guided meditation for fear release
  • 4 hours of daytime Postpartum Doula services
  • 1 60-minute Prenatal massage from Latissa Graham
  • Generous Mama Postpartum Box

Investment starts at $2000

A portion of every Pampered Mama Package goes into a fund which is used to offer doula services to low-income families and women in difficult situations such as single or teen moms. A doula should not be a luxury, women in these situations also need loving, professional support on their journey. Thank you for helping me to better birth for all women in our community!

Postpartum Doula Services

The first few months after baby is born set the stage for the rest of parenthood. Most women feel that in order to be a “good mom” they must somehow continue to do everything they did before birth, all while caring for a newly born baby, and “getting their body back” as soon as possible. These expectations are unrealistic, leaving women feeling overwhelmed and like they are not fit for motherhood. This could not be further from the truth! The first while after baby is born, your ONLY job should be recovering, building a bond with baby and adjusting to new parenthood. Let me help you have the best possible start!

  • Practical needs such as household organization, meal planning and preparation, errand running and light housekeeping
  • Newborn care such as safe sleep information, infant handling, bottle/breastfeeding support, babywearing support, and helping you to understand your newborn’s needs
  • Emotional/physical needs such as comforting touch including reflexology, a nonjudgemental sounding board, holding down the fort so you can shower/nap/self-care

What I do as a doula varies largely depending on your situation and needs. We will discuss what YOU need most and make a plan together to assure your quickest recovery and adjustment possible

Contact me for more information about how I can help you have the best possible start into new motherhood!

Investment starts at $40/hour for days, $50/hour for nights

I offer a discount on postpartum services if you book a large package, pay in full upfront or if you are a birth doula client.

Let's Talk

Your birth, your baby, your choices

I’d love to talk with you about your hopes and expectations for motherhood. Reach out to me here, by email, or social media to set up a free consultation.

You can reach me by email at, on Instagram, or Facebook messenger. 

I’d love to hear about you and what kind of support you are looking for. I look forward to talking with you!

Common Concerns

Feel free to contact me with more questions!

I am experienced in all birth settings: hospital, birth center, home, wherever you choose to birth, I am happy to support you there. My only restriction is that I do not attend free births (births with no medical attendant).


Yes, I do! A 250$ deposit is due at the signing of contract and the rest is due by 36 weeks. If you wish to pay me portions monthly or wait until right at 36 weeks to pay the rest that is up to you. I also offer Paypal Payment plans in which I receive my full fee and you can select how much monthly to pay back through paypal for as long as you need.

I have had clients get VERY creative in gathering funds to have the doula support they desire. Asking for donations to a doula fund instead of presents at your baby shower, cutting down on extra costs like eating out, using your HSA/FSA account or utilizing a payment plan are all options that will help you get the funds together. Another option is to consider what you could barter to take down part of the fee. I have bartered for all sorts of goods and services and consider all offers. I also set aside a part of every ‘pampered mama’ package to assist mothers in special situations such as single mothers, teen mothers, low income mothers etc. If you are in one of these special situations, please contact me and I will help you find information about scholarships, grants and programs in our area devoted to helping women in difficult situations receive support.


Some clients have called me at 39 weeks and some while their pregnancy tests are still wet. 😊 As long as I have availability I would love to join your support team at whatever time you deem best. The advantage to hiring me earlier on is that we have ample time to get to know one another and you can take advantage of my expertise about any questions and concerns throughout your pregnancy.


Absolutely not. I will never be able to emulate the intimacy and relationship you have with your partner. I will do my best to get to know your partner and help them support you with confidence, knowing that they have someone to guide them and also give them a break if they need one. Your partner has intimate knowledge of you and I have intimate knowledge of childbirth, together we are the perfect support team.


A midwife and a doula have two very different, but also complementing roles. A midwife is responsible for your physical well being and that of your child. A doula is responsible only for your emotional wellbeing. Often your midwife needs to focus on the physiological aspect and potential hurdles of your labor and birth and your doula can help you understand everything that is happening and facilitate a positive experience.


Of course! I offer complimentary consultations where we can get a feel for one another and you can see if I am the right fit for your birth team. If you don’t feel that I am the right match for you, that’s fine! I want you to have the right doula for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me for referrals of other doulas in your area, I know so many passionate doulas with a wide variety of personality and specialties, I know we can find someone you really click with to support you!