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Here to help you fulfill your birth potential.

Wherever or however you choose to birth your baby, you deserve to understand your options. You deserve to make your decisions from a place of knowledge (not fear). You deserve to feel respected and heard throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Investing in a birth doula ensures you will have a loving supportive guide by your side throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Studies have shown that doulas improve birth outcomes across the board and increase your chance of being satisfied by your experience. To better understand a doulas role and see the evidence on doulas support follow this link: .

If you’d like help deciding which birth services would fit you best, please contact us and Katie can help you decide which options and doulas could work for you. 

Affordable plans for every family.

Every mother deserves loving, respectful support regardless of her situation. We strive to find ways to make our packages affordable for all families. Many of our doulas offer payment plans and consider full/partial bartering agreements. For more answers to questions, check out these answers to Common Concerns below.

Check out our services listed below, or reach out to find the right fit for you and your family.

Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula services include prenatal visits where can discuss your individual circumstances, preferences, goals, fears, expectations, and how you envision your birth doula’s role at your birth. 

Our doulas include services such as:

  • Phone and text support during pregnancy.
  • Continuous support during labor and delivery and after baby is born for breastfeeding/bonding support.
  • A postpartum visit to follow up, answer any questions, and support you as a parent.
  • Access to curated resources to help you along the way.

Each doula offers support in her own special way, and service specifics, number of visits, etc. will be unique and individualized. You can ask your doula more about these details during your consultation or with an email. 

Check out our birth doulas:

Katie  |  Ali   |  Alisha  |  Madison  |  Sindi
Catrina  |  Courtney  |  Nadine  |  Jenessa

Postpartum Doula Services

The first few months after baby is born set the stage for the rest of parenthood. Most women feel that in order to be a “good mom” they must somehow continue to do everything they did before birth, all while caring for a newly born baby, and “getting their body back” as soon as possible. These expectations are unrealistic, leaving women feeling overwhelmed and like they are not fit for motherhood. This could not be further from the truth! The first while after baby is born, your focus should be recovering, building a bond with baby and adjusting to new parenthood. We want to help you have the best possible start!

Our postpartum doulas provide customized support, such as:

  • Practical needs such as household organization, meal planning and preparation, errand running and light housekeeping.
  • Newborn care such as safe sleep information, infant handling, bottle/breastfeeding support, babywearing support, and helping you to understand your newborn’s needs.
  • Emotional/physical needs such as comforting touch including reflexology, a non-judgmental sounding board, caring for your baby (and other children) so you can shower, nap, and practice self-care.

Check out our postpartum doulas:

Madison  |  Sindi  |  Courtney  |  Nadine

Additional Offerings & Rentals

Our collaborative is constantly learning new skills and looking to offer services to mothers, parents, and families that go beyond basic birth and postpartum support. 

Contact Us to ask about:

  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • NICU Doula Support
  • Virtual Doula Support
  • Traveling Doula Services
  • Mothers Blessings
  • Birth & Postpartum Photography
  • Prenatal, Postnatal, and Fertility Massage
  • Perinatal Therapy and Mental Health Support
  • Birth Tub Rentals

Common Concerns FAQ

The first step is to look over the bios available for your area and see who seems like they could be a great fit for your support team. Then you fill out the intake form and let Katie know who you would like to interview. Those doulas will reach out and set up a time for a virtual or in person complimentary consultation to see who feels like best fit. Once you have chosen a doula, you will receive their contract and all information to hire. Once you’ve paid the deposit your doula is officially part of your team!

Yes! We encourage expecting parents to interview mulitple doulas so that you can make sure you are getting a great fit. The personality match is super important. Pay attention to how you FEEL around her. Does she help you feel safe, seen, and heard? Experience and Training are important as well, but be sure to also pay attention to how well her personality jives with you and your partner.

Our prices range from 1250 –2500 depending on package you choose and the level of experience and other expertise that doulas bring to the table. For example we have doulas who are massage therapists and mental health therapists who bring those amazing skills into their care of their clients. There are also other packages you can choose that add other services such as massage during pregnancy or postpartum doula hours. Please refer to our services page for more info on packages we offer!

Yes we do! We strive to be as accessible as possible through different options for payment. We have a grant fund that is available for a few special situations a year. Many of our doulas also consider bartering/trade agreements as well. We are also able to take HSA/FSA. Reach out for more info on these options.

Your doula will also be supporting your partner! She will be providing information to fill any gaps in understanding, making sure he takes breaks and can eat and rest so he can show up for you after the birth too, and coaching him as to ways he can support you during labor. While your doula knows birth intimately, your partner knows YOU intimately, which is what makes them a great team as your support.

There are advantages to booking sooner rather than later, like not having a doula you’re really connecting with be booked out for your due month and having more time during pregnancy to use her as a resource! That being said, you can usually find one of us willing to take you on later, we have even had a client call and book the morning of an induction at 40 weeks!

This is one of the advantages of hiring a doula that has the support of a group! If you attend any of the group events we offer such as the Positive Birth Circle or Village Blessing then you will have the chance to get to know other doulas in our group that could likely back you up. Your doula is in charge or organizing that and it doesn’t come at any extra cost to you.

A midwife and a doula have two very different, but also complementing roles. A midwife is responsible for your physical well being and that of your child. A doula is responsible only for your emotional wellbeing. Often your midwife needs to focus on the physiological aspect and potential hurdles of your labor and birth and your doula can help you understand everything that is happening and facilitate a positive experience.

Have another question you don’t see featured here? Let us know! Send us a message and we’ll help answer any questions you have about having doula support at your birth.

We'd love to support you & your family.