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Freya Birth

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Freya Birth Philosophy

A guiding hand for your motherhood journey

Birth is a tremendous and transformative labor of love, ripe with both challenges and rewards. I believe in the immense power of a positive birth experience that empowers women and men to begin parenthood with joy and confidence.My goal is to help parents create positive memories of birth, regardless of the challenges that arise. I approach being a doula with a dedication to working openly with the unique perspective, abilities, challenges, and needs of laboring mothers and their support team.

Postpartum is a time of great change, and many people are not prepared to handle the new burdens placed upon them. I am passionate about helping mothers to feel fulfilled and supported during their postpartum period. My goal is to help mothers learn to become a team with their baby and to blossom into her role as the mother of that child.

I'm Katie

It's so nice to meet you

My own motherhood journey took place in Stuttgart Germany. My first birth was a challenge for me, one which I was unprepared to meet and it was not easy. I walked away feeling disappointed in my body but happy to be a mother. Those difficulties motivated me to make some changes. The next time I was pregnant, I took a birth preparation course and gained some tools for labor. I rocked that birth and it was truly transformative. I walked away feeling powerful and strong. This experience inspired me to become a birth worker and help women put their feet on the path to a powerful, positive birth.

Positive birth services

Birth Doula Services

Because you deserve:

A positive birth experience!

To be nurtured, heard and respected during your pregnancy, labor, and birth.
To be fully informed of your options and rights.
Support for your birth Partner so they can be fully present for you.
A knowledgeable companion to support you through the unknowns that birth inevitably brings.

Postpartum Services

Because you deserve:

Peace and quiet to focus on healing so you can get back to doing the things you love.
Space to process and adjust to your new role as mother of this child.
Quality bonding time with baby without things hanging over your head.
A knowledgeable, judgement free companion to help you navigate motherhood and your newborns needs.

How I can help

support you, your choices, & your baby

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You can reach me by email at, on Instagram, or Facebook messenger. 

I’d love to hear about you and what kind of support you are looking for. I look forward to talking with you!

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My Lending Library

Table of Contents Fertility: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler   Pregnancy Books: The Attachment Pregnancy by Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters

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Why I Doula

My own motherhood journey began in Stuttgart Germany. In Germany they are more natural/physiological birth oriented and midwives replace L&D nurses completely in all hospitals

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